‘Youth Sineas Awards’ nurture young talent

by Ni Putu Budi Setianingsih on 2012-07-30

The Madyapadma journalistic group from SMAN 3 High School in Denpasar presented “Youth Sineas Awards” to a number of bright, young moviemakers, winners of its film competition, on Saturday.

Ni Kompiang Ratna Dewi, chairperson of the Presslist 3 journalistic and film competition, told Bali Daily that the committee received 23 entries, produced by high school and university students, as well as community groups.

“We are courageous enough to judge movies produced by university students,” she explained.

The 23 entries consisted of 10 documentary films and 13 feature movies, she said. The “Youth Sineas Awards” are divided into several categories, including best cinematography, best director, best feature film, best sound and music score and best screenplay.

Members of the judges named “Porter” winner in the documentary film category.

Ni Putu Suci Prastiti, one of the “Porter” documentary filmmakers, said that the documentary was based on their thorough observations on the life of people working as porters.

“The porters work night and day without even complaining about their hardship,” Prastiti said.

The young documentary filmmakers gained their knowledge on moviemaking from a series of training sessions at the photography department of the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI).

The judges awarded best feature film to Incest, produced by a team of students from Telkom’s Institute of Telecommunication and Business Management.

I Gusti Ayu Arie Yunita Pristiani, one of the filmmakers, explained that Incest told the story of the unexpected marriage of a pair of mixed-sex twins, locally known in Balinese society as kembar buncing.

Balinese tradition holds that the birth of kembar buncing by a commoner couple will bring spiritual impurity for the families and the village for 42 days.

The birth of such twins is considered manak salah (wrongful birth), requiring the parents and the newborn babies to be banished from the village during the period of impurity.

However, the birth of kembar buncing to any royal family is be regarded as good fortune that must be celebrated with a series of family and public fiestas.

However, Wayan Windia, a professor of Balinese law at Udayana University, said that the Bali Legislative Council had officially abolished the concept of manak salah in 1951, as it could not be traced back to any valid sources in Balinese Hindu texts.

In the movie Incest, the students again revealed one of the most sensitive societal problems within the Balinese family system through the eyes of young modern minds.

Incest also won the best director category, the best musical score and best cinematography.

The “Youth Sineas Awards” have been proven to encourage young people to produce excellent movie projects.

“There are many creative and innovative students who love producing movies, and through this competition, we want to spread the virus of creativity to every student in Bali,” Dewi commented.

Madyapadma has also already launched a digital library and held green competitions.

This journalistic group has also been bestowed with a prestigious Kehati Award, an environmental award presented annually by the Kehati Foundation.

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