World Hindu leaders to gather in Bali

by Ni Komang Erviani on 2013-06-03

As many as 500 Hindu leaders from across the world will be attending the second World Hindu Summit scheduled to take place in Bali from June 13-17.

The annual conference is expected to be a milestone as it will produce the World Hindu Parisad and World Hindu Center.

“The World Hindu Parisad and World Hindu Center will be a breakthrough in new Hindu history—both will expand the network of Hindu devotees around the world,” I Made Bakta, chairman of the World Hindu Summit’s working committee, told reporters on Saturday.

The World Hindu Parisad will be an umbrella organization of many Hindu organizations across the world with the aim of building synergy for their various spiritual activities.

Meanwhile, the World Hindu Center is to be the organization that implements the World Hindu Parisad program. The center will be based in Bali.

Bakta said that the World Hindu Parisad and World Hindu Center declaration was part of the implementation of the Bali Charter, initiated during the first World Hindu Summit in 2012.

The Bali Charter also mandated organizing a World Hindu Wisdom Meet to discuss Hindu wisdoms.

Bakta added that many Hindu leaders had confirmed their attendance at the World Hindu Summit, including from the US, India, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Tanzania, Mauritania and Trinidad.

The summit’s opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on the evening of June 13 at Jaba Tengah, Samuan Tiga Temple, in Bedulu village in Gianyar regency. Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali plans to attend the opening ceremony. Meanwhile the summit will take place in the Ksirarnawa building at the Arts Center in Denpasar.

Samuan Tiga Temple was chosen for opening ceremony due to its history of hosting the momentous event unifying the numerous Hindu sects in Bali. Great Hindu leader Mpu Kuturan initiated the event more than a thousand years ago.

“We hope that the spirit of Mpu Kuturan will continue to resonate to unite Hindu devotees from all over the world through the World Hindu Parisad. Therefore, Hindus will strongly unite and be able to answer many present and future challenges,” Bakta said.

The World Hindu Summit will also discuss many recent issues, including environmental and health issues.

High Hindu priest Ida Pedanda Sebali Tianyar, who acts as chairman of the World Hindu Summit advisory board, added that the summit would also discuss solutions to the many problems related to Hinduism in the world.

“We are hoping for strong support from Hindus in Bali, as well as from Indonesia, thus the international agenda will be able to run smoothly and successfully, thus bringing a positive image for Bali and Indonesia,” he said.

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