Dewa Ruci underpass officially opened

by on 2013-08-16

Denpasar: Bali’s progress has affected the island in various ways, including economic urbanization, traffic congestion and various social problems, said Governor Pastika at the opening ceremony to inaugurate the island’s first underpass.

The opening ceremony was officiated over by Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto at the underpass on Thursday.

According to the governor, the construction of the underpass was one of the administration’s efforts to reduce traffic congestion.

“In the wider context, we are creating a reliable and sustainable transportation system to facilitate transportation and tourism and create a positive impact on the economy,” said Pastika.

He added that the provincial administration was attempting to improve infrastructure to rural Bali to equalize economic development across the island. However, he hoped that the Public Works Ministry would be willing to help overcome the challenges faced in these improvements.

Kirmanto stated that as a tourist destination, Bali required adequate infrastructure, including clean water, waste management and road networks. “The road network not only functions to connect places but also as to support the economy, social interaction and culture,” he said.

He added that building the Dewa Ruci underpass was one way of supporting tourism and other economic activities in Bali in anticipation of the international events being held on the island this year.

The 450-meter underpass took 18 months to build and was funded through the state budget.

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